Elbow Study

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There are two elements to the study; a brief survey followed by a reporting exercise of 10 paediatric elbow radiographs.

A time limit of two minutes per radiograph has been selected and each slide may only be viewed once. Images are of varying difficulty, some may include multiple injuries and some may be normal. The reporting exercise must be fully completed on the first attempt and will automatically time out after 20 minutes.

Correct results will be provided at the end and a participation certificate for CPD purposes will be provided. We will also provide annotated images and links to educational resources. If you have further questions following completion of the reporting exercise that are not addressed by the DFTB site please link with your local clinical mentor/tutor.

Results of this research may be used in future research and publications.

If you consent to participate in this DFTB study please click the “start study” button

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